ACSI Creative Writing Festival Finalists

Horizon Prep 4th - 5th Grade ACSI Creative Writing Festival Finalists: (1st Row, L-R) Ryan Gianni, Maddie Giffin, Madden Pearce; (2nd Row, L-R) AlliGrace Raymond, Daniel Hotson; (3rd Row, L-R) Jenna Antonio, Grace Schreckengaust.
Horizon Prep Middle School ACSI Creative Writing Festival Finalists: (1st Row, L-R) Sammie Preske, Sarah, Dale, Alex Partida, Nick Macaluso; (2nd Row, L-R) Kylie Preske, Shelby Sutton, Colette Bogner, Lauren Bothe; (3rd Row, L-R) Tate Thompson, Antonio Partida, Ross Admire, Carly Gammel.

Horizon Prep recently announced its finalists for the ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) Creative Writing Festival!  Finalists receive a Good, Excellent or Superior rating for their submissions.  Those who receive a Superior rating will now have their work submitted to the ACSI District level competition.  A record number of Horizon Prep students received Superior ratings this year:  5th Grader Daniel Hotson, 6th Grader Nick Macaluso, and

7th Grader Shelby Sutton.