Access improvements to Rancho Santa Fe sports fields approved

By Karen Billing

Accessing the Rambla de las Flores fields is about to become a little bit smoother as the Rancho Santa Fe Association board Oct. 3 approved the installation of two asphalt approaches from the road into the RSF Sports Field and Richardson Field parking lots.

Arnold Keene, field operations manager, said the current lot approaches are dirt and people have a hard time getting traction to pull out into traffic.

“This will enhance safety quite a lot,” said board vice president Rochelle Putnam, noting that the lot is often used for event staging at the adjacent Rancho Riding Club and the new asphalt will make for a better ride for horse trailers.

The asphalt “aprons” are part of a larger comprehensive project that includes new landscaping and trail improvements in the sports fields area. With the trail improvements, riders will stay off the asphalt and on the wood chips or gravel. Landscaping will be continued to the Rancho Riding Club entrance.

“This is going to finish off Rambla de las Flores in a nice way,” Keene said.

The work will be funded with $5,000 from the Community Enhancement Fund.