A net gain: Transition from tennis to volleyball pays off for Canyon Crest Academy’s Lappe


By Gideon Rubin

Caroline Lappe was a budding tennis star who’d already established her credentials on the club circuit before she even started high school.

But the next time you see her on a tennis court, she’ll be playing for fun.

The soon-to-be Canyon Crest Academy sophomore opted out of tennis while she was in middle school. She is now focusing on volleyball, and has proven herself to be a quick study.

Lappe attended middle school at Francis Parker when she decided to forgo the individual-oriented game of tennis for a sport that she believed would foster more camaraderie.

“I just thought it would be a lot more fun to have a team instead of playing individually,” Lappe said of her decision to switch to volleyball.

The early returns suggest she made a smart choice.

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