A moving celebration


By Brett Dieterich

Veterans’ Day, 11-11-11. The RSF Association Patio was the scene of close to 100 people honoring our veterans and some active duty military. Anthony Principi’s remarks were thoughtful, timely and very moving.

Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines from Fallujah to Iwo Jima; every battle, every victory was represented. From ages 30s to the mid 90s, Admiral, Captain, Private; these American heroes proudly stood and saluted the flag, the county and freedom they had sacrificed to serve and preserve.

So many people helped to make this program successful — mentioning a few: Pete, Chaco, Jack, John, Roger, Bob, Kent, Tom, Bill, Guy, Chuck, Gail, David, Nancy, Steve from the Garden Club, Michelle and the 5-12-year-old Veteran Day Campers from the Community Center,

Lorine, Jon from the Review and the list goes on.

Finally, the ever-smiling, positive volunteer committee: Leslie, Rosemary, Jody and family, and the “Can-do, Will-do” Nick.

As Nancy said at the conclusion of the program, “We MUST make this an annual event.”

Somewhere a long-time ago, I learned, “If the only prayer you ever say is THANK YOU, that will suffice.” THANK YOU, dear LORD.