2012 Rancho Santa Fe Lily Award winners announced


At the Rancho Santa Fe Association’s Annual Meeting, to be held Thursday, May 10, at 5 p.m. at the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club, the Association will present the Lily Award to two Association property owners. This prestigious prize honors Association members and their design teams who produce and/or maintain architecture and land improvements, which exemplify the “high artistic result” decreed by the Covenant.

The awards will be presented to:

• Marion Dodson for Historic Preservation of the Country Squire Courtyard,


• Patrick Rose for Historic Preservation of his residence on Linea del Cielo.

The recipients were selected by the Lily Awards Committee which is made up of Association members.

The award is named for Lilian Rice, Rancho Santa Fe’s first architect and building commissioner. In the years since the award’s inception in 1993, the Lily Award has served to present models of the community’s standards as well as recognize excellent design.

The Country Squire Courtyard was built in 1923 and was designed by Rancho Santa Fe’s own Lilian Rice. It is a historic landmark in the heart of the Village area which features a distinctive treatment of arches. The owner has done a beautiful job preserving and maintaining its original charm.

The Rose residence is a Spanish Colonial Revival home built in 1934 and was designed by Gordon B. Kaufmann, a 1920s- and ‘30s-era architect. This home is most recognizable by the two large urns which sit at the entrance to the property. The residence was refurbished by the present owners who were careful to retain the integrity of the original design.