Rancho Santa Fe Association Board Biz: Subcommittees make progress on feasibility of proposed Covenant Club

Community interest remains high on the proposed Covenant Club. Here’s an overview of what’s been happening since our community voted to move ahead with the feasibility phase and since we held our last town hall meeting in April.

We’ve divided the feasibility work among about 27 community members on three subcommittees — Membership and Marketing, Design, and Finance — and we have included important constituencies, such as golf and tennis members, on the committee to get their input in this phase. We’ve held numerous working sessions, including more than seven meetings for the Design Subcommittee alone. All of our committee meetings are open to Association members and many interested members have attended.

The subcommittees are hard at work gathering research and studying the feasibility of this project, all with the goal to deliver detailed information so the community can make an educated decision once the feasibility phase is complete. The deliverables we plan to provide the community include:

• Site Plan

• Architectural plans

• Project schedule

• Budget

• Financing plan

• Membership program

To bring you up to speed, all subcommittees have made good progress over the past four to five months. I’ve heard from many residents who are particularly interested in the progress made by the Design subcommittee. This subcommittee continues to refine the program elements and has:

• Received approval from the RSF Association Board on the architectural contract

• Established a set of goals and objectives to be used to analyze a specific location of the facility

• Retained a parking consultant to review the current parking situation, conduct a parking demand analysis and determine future parking requirements

• Toured neighboring health clubs and pool facilities

• Analyzed a variety of site plan alternatives and is currently refining two alternatives located at the Association-owned property on the Golf Club and Tennis Club campus.

In addition, the committee has met with the Tennis Board and is scheduled to meet with the Golf Club Board in September. The Design subcommittee will continue to work with these two stakeholder groups throughout this process.

After the Design subcommittee finalizes the program and selects a recommended site plan, the Committee will hold the next Town Hall meeting (likely early this fall) to provide a more thorough update to the community.

Once this step in the design process is complete, the Design subcommittee can begin the detailed architectural and cost estimating phase. At this point, our other subcommittees will have enough information to further their efforts, including a membership program analysis, fundraising plans, financial modeling, etc. Our goal is to complete all of those deliverables to present at the final town hall meeting and Community Vote in early part of 2016.

We’ve been working hard on research, exploration, feasibility considerations and other background exercises necessary with a project of this type and scope. As we reach consensus on recommendations for moving forward, we will do our best to keep the community in the loop. Whether it be via my column or through a town hall meeting, we will keep you abreast of all news so that you may make an informed vote next year on the future of a Covenant Club.

My thanks to Jerry Yahr and Heather Slosar, who have been providing leadership, vision and purpose to our feasibility efforts. I am also grateful for our many subcommittee members who have been putting in many hours and bottomless energy to moving this process along.

We are in the process of building a new website to better communicate with all of you. This fall, we will be providing you with a site that’s well-organized and easy to navigate. Soon, you will be able to go to one website for news, background information, calendars, forms, agendas and minutes, phone numbers and more. We want to make it as easy as possible to keep yourself informed on many issues and subjects pertaining to the Covenant.

The Village is another area of much behind-the-scenes work. A Village Master Plan Task Force has been recently formed and is already at considering ways to revitalize the RSF Village. The Village is the heart and soul of Rancho Santa Fe, and we must find ways to enhance the area. Watch soon for a series of fun events popping up in the Village. Thanks to our Village Vibrance subcommittee for their enthusiasm and work in this area. The social events will serve to build a sense of community, bring people to the Village and create a dialogue with residents, while the Task Force is looking at long-term solutions to the Village. It’s an exciting time to be a resident of Rancho Santa Fe.