Keeping you in the loop on Health Club, roads and intersections


Health Club: During March we held several focus groups regarding the planning for the proposed Health Club and Pool project. On April 16, we will be holding two community-wide meetings to provide feedback and to hear more input from members regarding their feelings about size, scope, amenities and funding. At that time, we will present an organizational chart of the committee and subcommittee structure with member names; a bar chart schedule with all the various tasks; the feasibility study budget broken down with detail, which will include funds spent to date; a list of the expected deliverables that will be available to the community when we hold the Covenant vote. As of this week, the board has spent about $25,000 of the $350,000 that has been authorized for feasibility study and planning.

Meanwhile, Association staff members have been reviewing the RFPs that we have received from four architectural firms. The RFP’s address Programming (developing the desired list of elements), Site Analysis, Site Planning and Design Development. We have the soils report from when the Players’ Clubhouse was built, and will be updating it in conjunction with a preliminary grading proposal at a later date. This is based on our consultation with the civil engineer.

The Finance Committee will review the RFPs at their April meeting and make recommendations to the RSF Association board, which the board will discuss at our May meeting.

New teams of volunteers are being organized this week to study the various aspects of the proposed project. Jerry Yahr will be heading up the Design and Engineering team to work with whichever firm is chosen. Heather Slosar will be heading up the Membership and Marketing team to study the level of member interest and financial commitment, including donations. Mike Licosati will be leading the Finance team, studying the various funding models.

We are still aiming for a fall Covenant vote on the project. Please try to attend one of the community meetings on April 16 at the RSF Garden Club. One will be at 10 a.m. and the other will be held at 6:30 p.m.

Roads: The Association office receives a lot of complaints every year about the condition of our roads. I have also received emails from members saying they think the Association should spend money on improving our roads rather than on other new projects. Unfortunately, the roads do not belong to our HOA. They are County roads and, as such, the County is in complete control of spending for maintenance.

Association staff does work with the County, urging them to allocate funds every year to repave and repair our roads and prioritizing the roadwork for the County. Association staff actually spends a lot of time on this effort. At the end of the day, however, we are at the mercy of County funding authorities.

If you are concerned about your road, you can call the County yourself and describe the situation. Your complaints may help the efforts of our Association staff. Call it the “squeaky wheel” effect. The direct number to San Diego County Road Service Request is (877) 684-8000.

Intersections: At our last board meeting we discussed the Intersection Study Committee report regarding roundabouts versus stoplights at three intersections along the Paseo Delicias/Del Dios corridor. The board determined that before we vote on this issue, we want to hold one more community-wide meeting. Now that we, the board, have become educated on the design, performance and environmental impact of roundabouts versus stoplights, we want to make sure the community is educated as well. We want all parties to have one more chance to voice their opinions and concerns. The meeting has been scheduled for April 29 at the RSF Garden Club. Notices with more details will be posted and will be run in this paper.