Osuna Committee’s Osuna Talks event provides information on equine health

Osuna Committee and UC Davis Equine Outreach Manager Amy Young.
Osuna Committee Chair Kate Williams, Osuna Ranch Manager Christine Praefke, Osuna Ranch Veterinarian Steve Reider, Dr. Carrie Finno, UC Davis Senior Director of Development Sasha Wirth and UC Davis Equine Outreach Manager Amy Young.
(RSF Association)

Dr. Carrie Finno, the professor, clinician and director of UC Davis Center for Equine Health, shared her expertise on equine health issues at a Jan. 17 Osuna Talks event at the Osuna Ranch.

Presented by the Rancho Santa Fe Association and the Osuna Committee, Finno shared with attendees her research on signs and causes of Equine Neuroaxonal Dystrophy (eNAD), which attacks horses’ central nervous systems. The disease presents itself in young horses and appears to be genetic among multiple breeds.

The Osuna Talks event held at the Osuna Ranch.

Her presentation also covered the effects of Equine Herpesvirus 1, (a virus currently circulating in horse populations) and the preventative steps owners should take to stop spread at shows, in barns and stalls, or where horses may come in contact with each other. Finno advised that owners should administer multiple daily temperature checks, keep horses separated at shows and carefully sanitize all equipment including water buckets, clothes and more.

While a schedule has not been set, the Osuna Committee hopes to host regular Osuna Talks in the coming year.