Historic Rancho Santa Fe village property sold

The village property is changing hands for the first time since the 1940s.
(Courtesy of Cushman and Wakefield)

A longtime Rancho Santa Fe family, the Clotfelters, have sold their generational asset at the heart of the Rancho Santa Fe village. This was the first time the property has ever been made available for sale as the Clotfelter family built and has owned the building since the mid-1940s.

The mixed-use, 4,674-square-foot building is located at 6012 Paseo Delicias and includes office, retail and residential uses. The property was acquired by Nature’s Fusion Glow, LLC for an undisclosed price.

The building has nine suites currently occupied by seven tenants. Seven of the suites are commercial and there are two residential studios on the second floor. The commercial tenants include Willis Allen Real Estate, Clotfelter Construction, Studio Felando, Salon Iris in the Ranch and J Danielle Staffing.

The Clotfelters’ long history in the Ranch began in 1931 when Reg and Connie Clotfelter moved to the new community after Reg was hired by the Santa Fe Land Improvement Company to be their sales agent. When the Santa Fe Land Improvement Company land was sold off in the mid-1940s, Reg started his own real estate business and purchased the land on which he built the Paseo Delicias building, occupying half of the street frontage.

Reg operated his real estate business until a few years before his death in 1998. Tom Clotfelter took over the real estate business in the early 1990s and his son Cutter Clotfelter has continued as a real estate broker working for Willis Allen Real Estate, an occupant of part of the building being sold.

With their families, there are presently 14 Clotfelters living in the Ranch today.

Now into its fourth generation of ownership of the Paseo Delicias property and with family members starting to scatter throughout the United States, management of their heritage could become more difficult, which prompted the decision to sell. According to a news release, the family is happy to have a local buyer that will carry on with the property into the future.

Peter Curry, Kevin Cuff and Brooks Campbell with Cushman & Wakefield represented both parties in the sale.

“This property is sewn into the history of Rancho Santa Fe and signifies a true irreplaceable asset along Paseo Delicias – the main street in The Village,” said Curry, managing director in the news release. “This sale allows the new owner to be a part of a generational asset, while writing the next chapter in Rancho Santa Fe’s storied history.”