Long-awaited restroom at Richardson Field nearly complete

A new restroom is being installed at Richardson Field.
(Karen Billing)

A permanent restroom is finally coming to Richardson Field. The existing porta-potty will be removed and a new bathroom will be built in the existing snack bar building at the field on Rambla De Las Flores.

The project is on the home stretch with construction aiming to be complete next month, just in time for Rancho Santa Fe Little League’s new season that begins on Feb. 28.

“I think that this is something people have been waiting for a long time,” said RSF Association President Bill Weber.

The Association project has been in the works since 2017, following complaints from resident Rory Kendall about the longstanding porta-potty that appeared to be a Covenant violation.

The Association explored options such as new construction to house or shield the porta-potty or even a new freestanding building at the field. They ran into unique challenges as the snack bar building is located within the FEMA floodplain and the original septic system had failed. Danny Lines, Association infrastructure manager, said the Association received emergency approval from the county for approval to install a new sewer line and tie into the line on Los Morros on the other side of the creek.

Back in 2017, the board approved allocating $100,000 toward the construction of the new bathroom—on Jan. 13 the board approved an additional $74,714 due to the increase in labor and material costs.

The exterior of the snack bar building will not change with the exception of roof repairs.