Solana Santa Fe modernization moves ahead

The retaining wall under construction at Solana Santa Fe School.
(Matt Frumovitz)

With the start of the new school year, there is a lot of excitement at Solana Santa Fe School. Principal Matt Frumovitz said not only are students and teachers excited to be together again to learn but the Rancho Santa Fe school is also in the midst of a major modernization project.

“We are off and running and quite literally, building for the future,” Frumovitz said during the principals’ update at the Solana Beach School District board meeting on Sept. 8.

Construction began on the first phase of the $21 million project in June. The first phase included the demolition of the kindergarten play area and the construction of a retaining wall on the north side of the campus on El Apajo. The retaining wall, 22 feet at its highest, will support a new parking lot on that side of the school, adjacent to a reconfigured kindergarten play area.

“There are amazing things happening every day and it’s fascinating watching our campus transform,” said Frumovitz. “Who knew I loved retaining walls?”

He said the construction on the small campus site is moving forward safely and so far the noise has not impacted teaching and learning.

The second phase of Solana Santa Fe’s renovation is expected to begin in late fall or early winter, with the construction of a new two-story classroom building, an administration building update, construction of the new north parking lot and alteration of the south parking lot including paving over the existing large drainage culvert.

The entire project is expected to be complete by winter 2022.

Solana Santa Fe started the year with 310 students, including students from the neighborhoods of Pacific Highlands Ranch.

“This year there has been a significant increase in students coming to our school from this area,” Frumovitz said. “We are so grateful for these families, they have enriched our school and come together with our established, amazing community.”