Gabriella Gordon wins regional championship in international JewQ competition


This year, the Fraida-Cameron Rancho Santa Fe Hebrew School of the Arts has made the bold choice to participate in a global JewQ competition where contestants were challenged to master core Jewish concepts and compete at a local and international level. From Rancho Santa Fe to Melbourne, Australia, over 700 Hebrew school students from across the globe have participated in this year’s JewQ competition. JewQ offers students in grades three to seven an introduction to various Jewish topics and a chance to demonstrate a mastery of material.

Gabriella Gordon
Gabriella Gordon

“Entering this challenging year, we were determined to increase our Judaica studies in ways we have never done before,” said Devorah Raskin, director of The Fraida-Cameron RSF Hebrew School of the Arts. “We are so proud of our students’ accomplishments, and dedication to their studies.”

After months of study and hard work it has been announced that Gabriella Gordon, regional JewQ champion, has qualified as a finalist in the international JewQ competition, which will be held June 6.

Beginning last November, the first of three age-appropriate tests was administered. Gabriella excelled, and with each subsequent exam continued joining students worldwide in a quest to exhibit her knowledge. What blessing does one recite on a kiwi? What are the names of the Twelve Tribes? Who was Miamonidies?

These are some of the concepts Gabriella and her fellow JewQ contestants have been tested on.

“Participating in JewQ made me learn more about my Jewish heritage and how I am so proud to be part of the Jewish community!”, said Gabriella.

“JewQ was a great opportunity for Gabriella to learn about Judaism in a fun and competitive way,” says her proud mom Lara Gordon, “We are very proud of her achievement!”

“It’s been a blessing for us over the past year!” said Raskin. “The program offered a top Jewish education and was effective, fun and challenging.”

JewQ is one of the many educational services Chabad Jewish Center of RSF’s Fraida- Cameron Hebrew School of the Arts has to offer.

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