New mural brightens up R. Roger Rowe School garden

The new mural in R. Roger Rowe School's garden.
The new mural in R. Roger Rowe School’s garden.

R. Roger Rowe School fifth graders recently completed a new mural in the school’s garden.

The project, led by teacher Jessica Henke, began after her students finished a reading unit that focused on perspectives and characters. She had been looking for a way to add an art component to the garden and found a way to incorporate their learning into a new beautiful work of art.

Students at work on the mural.

In their reading unit, the students came to understand that all individuals have their own unique backgrounds, cultures and ideas that form their perspective or way of seeing the world. The students learned that art is an outward depiction of someone’s perspective and brainstormed ideas for a mural design that would bring together their multiple perspectives.

Students completed the mural "paint by numbers" style.

Students sketched their mural design and worked with an artist. After several visits and revisions with the artist, fifth grade students settled on the final rendition of the drawing. The artist came and sketched the picture on the garden wall in a “paint by number” fashion. Once it was drawn, each fifth grade student had multiple sessions in the garden to paint a section of the mural.

Rowe students painting.