Dentistry in the Ranch continues to serve local patients with high standards of care

Dr. Alexander George

After settling into the Rancho Santa Fe dental practice Dentistry in the Ranch over the summer, Dr. Alexander George has been working to uphold the “family” type of environment that the office’s longtime patients have come to expect.

“That’s been one of the great parts about this practice, in particular, is that our patient population is very much a small group,” said George, who is originally from Pasadena and returned to the west coast after going to school in Michigan. “We treat everybody like family, and that’s really true. A lot of places can say that, but we can actually do it.”

George, who has a wife and three daughters, did his general practice residency at the VA in La Jolla and worked as an associate dentist in San Diego for six years.

“I’ve taken the last few months just to sort of meet everybody and say hello,” he said, “and it’s been just as much about the relationships for me as it is about the dentistry, so it’s been great.”

He purchased Dentistry in the Ranch from Dr. Clayton Cooke, a dentist who served the community for decades and was regularly recognized as one of the top local dentists. Cooke’s accolades include multiple wins for Best Dentist in North Coast San Diego Reader’s Choice poll.

“Filling those shoes is a tough task for anybody to fill, but Dr. Cooke and I spent a lot of time together discussing the transition and discussing our philosophies for treating patients of all ages, and everything aligns really well, so that’s been great,” George said.

That philosophy is tailored to meet the high standards for dental care that many of the office’s patients hold it to, and a belief that dental health is a foundational element to overall health and well-being.

“We tend to attract patients who have a higher understanding and a higher desire for exceptional dental care, really top-notch sort of whole-mouth treatment,” George said. “We look at the mouth as a function of the body, and we look at the mouth as an entire aspect, not just tooth by tooth.”

Dentistry in the Ranch consists of George, one hygienist, two assistants and one front office member. As the novel coronavirus pandemic continues, George said that he and the staff have been going “above and beyond” in taking precautions to protect staff and patients. Some of those precautions include making sure the office is stocked up on personal protective equipment and maintaining a low volume of patients in the office. George added that patients can contact the office if they have any specific concerns about making an appointment during the pandemic.

Dentistry in the Ranch handles many different types of dental needs, from hygiene maintenance visits to implant placement, complex mouth rehabilitation, and other more advanced procedures. Oral cancer screenings can also save lives when the symptoms are noticed early.

“We look at perfecting dentistry as the entire mouth applies,” George said.

Dentistry in the Ranch is located at 16081 San Dieguito Rd., Rancho Santa Fe (Del Rayo Village Shopping Center). For more information, visit, 858-756-5888.

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