Sapp, Gruzdowich elected to RSF Association board

Election inspectors count ballots in the Rancho Santa Fe Association offices.
(Karen Billing)

Rick Sapp and Greg Gruzdowich have been elected to the Rancho Santa Fe Association Board of Directors as they were the two top vote-getters of five candidates vying for two available seats. A total of 1,233 ballots were cast (10 were invalidated), representing a voter turnout of 37%.

Greg Gruzdowich

The ballots were counted on live stream on Aug. 6 by election inspectors. The incumbent Sapp, the current board president, received 597 votes and Gruzdowich pulled in 500 votes. Candidate Paul Seitz received 405 votes, Ted Butz got 380 votes and Michael Sperlinga had 366 votes. Gruzdowich will join the board in September.

Rick Sapp

The deadline has been extended for 60 days on the Covenant amendment vote to allow the Village Church’s proposed columbarium project, a memorial garden with niches to keep human cremains. The Rancho Santa Fe Protective Covenant, drafted in 1929, prohibits properties being used for a cemetery, columbarium or crematory. The proposed new Covenant language will continue to prohibit columbariums except on land zoned J-Religious Edifices. There are only two parcels in the Covenant that are in zone J including the Village Church and First Church of Christ, Scientist on La Flecha.

Two-thirds of the property owners of record in the Covenant and two-thirds of the Covenant area must vote in favor of the change. The votes will be weighted by property size.

Ballots will be due by 5 p.m. on Oct. 5.

At the Aug. 6 meeting, outgoing board member Steve Dunn was recognized for his service on the board over the last three years. Dunn will continue serving the community as a newly elected member of the RSF Golf Club Board of Directors.