Rancho Santa Fe sisters’ skincare line pivots to making hand sanitizers

The Slosar sisters behind Sunshine Body Products: Natalie, Avery and Kelly.

Sunshine Body Products, an organic beauty care company started by three Rancho Santa Fe sisters, has started exclusively making hand sanitizers. The all-natural and scented hand sanitizers by 18-year-old Natalie, 16-year-old Kelly and 14-year-old Avery Slosar are selling online and at the Rancho Santa Fe Pharmacy.

“We thought there was no better time to help our community with hand sanitizer because there’s not many places you can buy it anymore,” said Natalie, home from her freshman year at UC Berkeley.

Natalie said making hand sanitizer has also been a way to work out the quarantine crazies with Kelly and Avery, a junior and freshman at The Bishop’s School. Their home production facility is a converted office space and the girls said they have been working together well.

“It is fun, we’ve definitely had our little arguments because we’ve been seeing so much of each other recently,” said Natalie of the sisterly love.

“We share a bedroom so we see each other a lot,” Kelly added.

The three Slosar girls started experimenting with soaps and lotions when they were 8, 10 and 12 years old, mixing colorful dyes and fun smells into their creations and never bothering to look at the labels. As they began to explore different ingredients to use in their products, they veered away from unpronounceable and synthetic ingredients and went for all-natural and 100% organic ingredients that would benefit the user’s health, as opposed to harming it. It took a lot of trial and error and a lot of research in developing their recipes but they were soon making natural and organic skin creams, face creams, toners and lip balms in addition to soaps.

The Sunshine Body hand sanitizer comes in three scents.

At first, the sisters gifted their concoctions to friends and family but made their company official three years ago, creating logos, labels and their website for online sales.

Sunshine’s top-seller is their moisturizing skin cream or their lip balm: the minty-fresh peppermint flavor is a favorite.

When Natalie went off to college, Kelly stepped up to fill more of a leadership role, “It’s hard to make products in a dorm room,” Natalie said.

Back together and in the current pandemic climate, right now Sunshine Body Products has pivoted to only offering hand sanitizers as they have gotten the most orders for those products.

Their spray hand sanitizer is 100 percent organic, containing 67% ethyl alcohol, meeting the CDC’s guidelines for the prevention of COVID-19.

Sunshine’s hand sanitizers are also blended with organic essential oils—the sanitizers come in the scents of lavender eucalyptus, orange blossom and rosemary lemongrass.

In addition to selling online and to the local pharmacy, they also provided some hand sanitizers to The Village Church that the church will supply to the San Diego Rescue Mission.

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