Rancho Valencia takes steps to help employees during difficult time

The entrance to the Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa Clubhouse.

The Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa, which recently announced its temporary closure — March 22-April 22 — due to the impacts of the coranvirus outbreak, said in a news release that it is “committed to continuing to care for the wellbeing and livelihood of its employees during these unprecedented times with amazing support,” including:

Rancho Valencia is caring and paying its full-time and salary employees during this full one-month closure (this includes full-time servers, cooks, housekeepers, front desk agents, and more)

During this 30-day closure, eligible employees do not have to use their sick time or PTO

All perishable food such as milk, eggs, juices, produce, etc. at the property is being distributed to hourly employees

Management training courses and credit will be given for all managers that complete course work while working remotely such as The Voice of Leadership, Time Management, and Creating a Positive Attitude, to name a few

Rancho Valencia is launching a canned food drive and organizing a partnership with San Diego nonprofit ProduceGood, to provide excess fruits and produce from local farmers and residents for employees and families in need of additional support once “shelter in place” orders are lifted

Employee hotlines are available for consistent communication and support for team members

Providing a “tele-doc” through the property’s insurance carrier so employees can have access to medical services without leaving their home to fully support and encourage social distancing

Weekly employee raffle gifting gas cards, grocery cards, and more, to a lucky winner each week

Rancho Valencia General Manager Coni Thornburg made the following statement in a news release on these initiatives:

“Our employees are the heart and soul of our resort, and we are committed to keeping them healthy and safe. During these difficult times, our focus is on service to those in need, both within and outside of our Rancho Valencia family.”


Youth playing tennis at Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa when the courts were open.