Canyon Crest student launches Organized Teen website

Kian Chakamian

To help students better manage common causes of stress, Canyon Crest Academy freshman Kian Chakamian launched a website and YouTube channel to help high school students stay organized as they navigate the school year.

Kian, 15, who lives in Rancho Santa Fe, said he made an effort to improve his own organizational skills in middle school, and realized how many students deal with similar issues due to the pressure they face from school, parents and other common factors. Once he mastered a basic “to do list” and came up with some of his own tactics and techniques, he decided to share his new skills by creating Organized Teen. The website and social media channels have videos and other resources students can use to help them become more organized.

“I’m trying to appeal to high school students who are feeling overwhelmed and stressed,” said Kian, who mountain bikes, plays tennis and snowboards in his free time.

Organized Teen provides tutorials that are each a few minutes long and designed to teach students everything from how to best put together a “to do” list, to other basic tasks like keeping files synced among different devices to more easily access them. So far, Kian has uploaded seven videos on the Organized Teen YouTube channel, including a three-part series on making a “to do” list, and he said he’s working on his eighth.

The website points to an American Psychological Association survey that showed 30% of teens reported feeling depressed or sad because of stress, in addition to 31% who reported feeling overwhelmed. The same survey also showed that stress tends to adversely affect teens’ sleep and makes them less likely to exercise. The survey, released in 2014, also showed that 34% of teens said they predicted their stress levels would increase over the next year.

“They just feel overwhelmed,” Kian said, referring to the students who could most benefit from Organized Teen. “They don’t really know where to start.”

He added that he’s looking to expand Organized Teen by starting an ambassador program at schools throughout North County, along with possibly starting clubs and support groups to help students maintain their organizational goals. Kain also said his plan is to grow Organized Teen and develop students leaders who will be able to keep it going long-term.

Organized Teen also has Instagram and Twitter accounts to help build its audience. For more information, visit