Team Singularity qualifies for FTC Robotics Regional Competition

7696 Wins 4th Tournament (1).jpg
7696 wins fourth tournament (left to right): Carlee Weber, Ryden Weber, David Scuba, Brandon Shen, Brandon Powell, Nick Sanford, Daniel Scuba and Dylan Powell.

Team Singularity 7696 won its First Tech Challenge (FTC) Robotics League Championship as the winning Alliance with Team Mechanical Advantage as its partner in the finals match at The Grauer School on Feb. 9. They also won the 2nd Inspire award and qualified to compete in the San Diego Regional Championship on Sunday, March 1 at Francis Parker School. Most of the team members are alumni of R. Roger Rowe School and operate now as a private team.

Many of the team’s robot parts are designed in CAD and 3D printed to meet this year’s Skystone Challenge to stack blocks in an effort to build the skyscraper of the future. Part of the challenge requires the robot to run autonomously to achieve specific tasks to pick up blocks, move a building platform and park for the first 30 seconds of the match. For the remaining two minutes, the robot operates with two drivers and a team coach using game controllers connected to an Android cell phone. The team drivers’ Android phone communicates using wifi direct with a partner phone installed on the robot which controls its movements and custom moving parts such as a block collector and a lift mechanism.

Singularity W Mechanical Advantage Wins.jpg
Team Singularity (in red) and Team Mechanical Advantage (in black)

First Robotics promotes teams to not only use STEM skills to design a robot to meet specific challenges, but also to be active in their community to promote and market their robot and team, and to inspire others to participate in and to support robotics endeavors. Team members learn to document their progress in an engineering notebook, reach out to other teams and negotiate alliances and coordinate maneuvers with partner teams and adapt their skills to that of their different alliance partners in different matches, and present their team strategy and robot designs to a judging committee.


Team Sinularity has mastered all these features of the competition in hopes of qualifying at the Regional tournament to compete in Houston at the FTC World Championship in April.

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