Crosby Club completes clubhouse renovation, other upgrades

Inside the newly renovated bar at The Crosby Club.
(Karen Billing)

The Crosby Club at Rancho Santa Fe is on an upswing and has been busy renovating the property and clubhouse, improving the golf course and boosting its membership and social calendar. The club, located within the gates of the private Crosby community along Del Dios Highway, includes an 18-hole golf course, fitness center, tennis courts and Olympic-size swimming pool.

In 2017, the Crosby Club was sold at public auction to the South Korean-based Bando Group after some trying years going through bankruptcy and litigation between the club and the homeowners association. The Crosby is Bando group’s first golf course property in the United States—they also own golf resorts in Japan, South Korea and Saipan.

“Their obvious goal was to make this into the premier club in the area and they’ve made significant progress,” said Art Munda, membership director.

Immediate renovations in 2017 included $1 million in golf course improvements, updating the Grille and expanding the dining room to include an outdoor deck that sits above the 18th green and features a fire pit.

In the last few years, they have further improved the play of the golf course and recently redid the driving range. At the range, they laser-leveled the teeing ground and installed high-end artificial turf tee surface by TurfHound–even when there’s a little rain and the grass is wet, members can still get in some quality swings.

The newly redone driving range at the Crosby Club.
(Karen Billing)

Munda said one of the biggest pieces of improvement at the Crosby is that they recently remodeled the clubhouse, main bar and dining room. The spaces had their original look from 20 years ago and were in need of a modern update, “It’s much more contemporary,” Munda said.

Inside the clubhouse they replaced dated carpeting with glossy wood floors, added sleek new furniture, modern light fixtures and pops of deep blue and gold. The main dining room with fresh carpeting and paint still awaits its new furniture under new statement chandeliers that hang from the wood beams.

“The clubhouse is a neat spot for Friday and Saturday happy hours and the bar is almost always full now which is kind of cool,” said Munda, adding that they have ramped up their social activities to have more events for both adults and kids.

The Crosby also recently resurfaced its four tennis courts at the athletic center and their converted pickleball court has been very popular.

Big projects for 2020 include a new golf cart fleet equipped with GPS technology and new fitness equipment for the gym.

When Bando took over, Crosby’s golf memberships were at 160 and they have now climbed to 265 members. With all of the membership categories combined, including social and fitness memberships, they have 570 total members.

“We’ve got significant reach within the Crosby community, but the club is focusing on outreach to let neighboring communities know about what is available to them,” Munda said. “There’s a lot of good things going on here.”

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