Race aiming for 20 customer installations a week in January

RSF Association office building
(Karen Billing)

Rancho Santa Fe Connect installations are ramping up in the month of January, providing gigabit internet service to Covenant homeowners.

Race Communications CEO Raul Alcarez came before the Rancho Santa Fe Association board on Jan. 9 with a smile and a better message than last month when he addressed some breaks in communication and residents’ customer service concerns. Alcarez said that they have stepped-up customer engagement and communication efforts as more Covenant residents are connecting to high-speed fiber network—for some homeowners, it is their first time having reliable internet in Rancho Santa Fe.

“We’ve made a lot of progress,” Alcarez said. “We’re entering the new year with good momentum and we’re on track with the goals we committed to the Rancho Santa Fe Association and the residents.”

RSF Association Board Vice President Mike Gallagher said while he had harsh comments for Race regarding customer service last month, since then he has heard from many people who have been hooked up to RSF Connect and are “extremely happy” with both the service and their high-speed internet connectivity. “Stay ever diligent,” he said, encouraging Race to keep up the positive momentum.

Alcarez assured the board that Race is on a roll—they pledged to release the last three zones by Christmas and they beat that deadline by releasing Sycamore, Cyprus and Birch the week before the holiday, opening up the ordering platform so anybody within the Covenant that has access to the fiber infrastructure could place an order.

There have been 800 customer inquiries through all zones, still without a major marketing push. Alcarez said 600 orders have been placed and 167 customers have been installed so far.

“Overall communication was one of the biggest challenges and we’ve truly made leaps and bounds in correcting that,” Alcarez said, noting that Race has implemented additional email communication.

December was a busy month with 163 orders and 41 installs, exceeding Race’s goal for 40 installations in December. Already in the first two weeks of January they have had 16 sales and seven installs.

Shauna Salzetti-Kahn was among the December installations and said everything was done within 30 minutes. “We felt, as customers, everything went very well,” Salzetti-Kahn said.

Race’s contract goal is 20 installations a week, which is what they are ramping up to achieve this month.

The speed of the installations is a joint effort between Race and the customers, Alcarez said—the homeowner’s property has to be ready for install after a site survey with Race. Homeowners are responsible for the cost of bringing fiber to their home and there are options in regard to how the conduit is installed or extended.

Site surveys and installations are done on a first-come, first-serve basis—rescheduling or delaying placement of an order will likely cause an appointment reschedule and installation delay.

Bill Weber, Association board director, said he was impressed with the Race employees who worked to complete the installation at his home.

“I think the installation was a little more involved than they had originally expected, but they still completed it within their estimated timeline. I was impressed with their professionalism, patience and their respect for our property,” Weber said. “Most importantly, system performance using our new connection to the network has been amazing. Downloads and uploads are, of course, noticeably faster, but I notice the greatest improvement in streaming content to our various devices.”

Fred Wasserman, former Association board director, also shared his positive experience with Race and his easy install process.

“My internet speed is 40 to 50 times faster than my old AT&T service. The phone service is a far better quality than AT&T and much more reliable,” Wasserman said. “I recommend RSF Connect to anyone and everyone.”

To contact Race, email or call (800) 640-9436