RSF Association offices now linked up to Rancho Santa Fe Connect network

RSF Association office
RSF Association office
(Karen Billing)

More and more Rancho Santa Fe residents are now logged on to the Rancho Santa Fe Association’s fiber-optic network.

According to RSF Association Assistant Manager Arnold Keene, the heavy duty trenching and construction associated with the 60-mile project is now complete and crews are working on asphalt patching. In September and October 70 Connect customers have gone live—the Association office’s service was turned on last Thursday, Nov. 1 and Manager Christy Whalen said, “we’re seeing our systems working lightning fast.”

Keene said the project has been successful and is being well-received by the community— they have heard positive feedback from subscribers.

Philip Wilkinson was one of the first Rancho Santa Fe Connect customers turned on with 1 gigabit service.

“I can tell you that it’s been a wonderful experience and a huge improvement in our broadband connection. We can now download Netflix movies in seconds, and large video files and other rich media in a blink of an eye,” Wilkinson said. “With our previous service we had to wait 20 to 30 minutes and sometimes an hour to download movies or large files. We couldn’t be happier with the professional service from Race!”

Race Communications has dedicated over 10 full-time workers to connect members to the network and is asking residents to keep in mind several points in order to speed the installation process. When residents have been contacted by Race and a site survey or on-site installation has been scheduled, the Association notes the following tips:

  • Race cannot complete any work inside a residence unless there is an adult 18 years or older present.
  • Although many residents may have new or existing conduit, it is not uncommon for conduit to be damaged or crushed, requiring installers to repair or possibly abandon the conduit.
  • Changes after the agreement has been signed require further approval for work to be completed. If the person at the appointment cannot make the financial decision to approve the change, the install may get delayed.
  • Race will complete the inside networking connections at an additional fee. Residents may choose to complete the work themselves, or may hire another vendor.
  • Those using a separate vendor to complete the network connections inside the home should coordinate with the vendor to be present at the installation appointment.
  • Old internet equipment must be removed prior to installation. Race is not permitted to remove equipment from other companies.
  • At the appointment, residents should be prepared to commit. Race has scheduled on-site surveys or site installations on a first-come first-served basis. Rescheduling or delaying placement of an order will likely cause an appointment reschedule and installation delay. (Race currently schedules two weeks in advance.)

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