Alternate location to be explored for Richardson Field restroom

The RSF Association hopes to find a location that works for a permanent restroom at Richardson Field.
(Karen Billing)

The Rancho Santa Fe Association continues to work toward getting a permanent restroom constructed at Richardson Field. For years, the home to little league baseball, youth and men’s soccer leagues, flag football, rugby and lacrosse has only had a porta potty and the Association has ran into challenges with the proposed plan to add one restroom in the existing snack bar building at the fields.

“The snack bar location is problematic because it obstructs the flow of the creek if it floods,” said Parks and Recreation Assistant Manager Caitlin Kreutz at an Aug. 22 trails and recreation committee meeting.

Structures that impact waterways or occupy or modify a floodplain are subject to FEMA regulations. The project is located within the FEMA floodplain and also requires the alteration of a waterway due to the necessity to install a pump sewer system and connect to the sewer line on Los Morros on the other side of the creek. In meeting with the county, the Association has also discovered that the county’s floodplain map is even larger than FEMA’s, Kreutz said.

“It’s becoming less and less likely that the existing snack bar can be used,” said Assistant Manager Arnold Keene. “It’s just a complicated area with a lot of challenges.”

The trails and rec committee, headed by Tyler Seltzer, encouraged Association staff to pursue a free-standing facility in an alternative location closer to the road and less obstructive to the stream.

“It just needs to get going,” said committee member Jeff Simmons.

The committee recommended that staff move forward with getting an alternate location and cost estimates with a possible rendering done by the next meeting.

Architect Don Looney, who designed the Association’s central office for RSF Connect on the golf club campus, has been working on the project. Keene said the restroom building would be a quarter of the size of the central office building, just an 8-foot by 12-foot structure.

“It seems strange to me that there’s not a bathroom there,” Seltzer said, adding that eventually the
Association should explore permanent restroom facilities at the RSF Sports Field and the Arroyo Preserve.

Keene noted that the Association board has identified infrastructure issues as one of this year’s priorities at its recent retreat.

The Richardson restroom project has been in development since 2016, when resident Rory Kendall issued a complaint to the trails and recreation committee. Kendall noted that the facility seemed to be out of compliance with Covenant regulations and, at the very least, was not up to standards for Rancho Santa Fe.

In 2017, the board approved allocating $100,000 to the construction of the new permanent restroom.