RSF Golf Club’s trial playing privilege offer snags two new members

Golfers work on their short game at the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club.
(Karen Billing)

For the first time ever, the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club offered trial playing privileges to Covenant members and so far the program has been successful.

The offer extended from April 15 to July 14, gives residents a chance to experience what it is like to be a golf club member for a three-month trial by just paying three months of current dues and no initiation fee. Since April 21, residents have taken advantage of the opportunity and two have already converted to golf club members before the expiration of the 90- day time period.

“There really seems to be an uptick in memberships in the community,” said Shanon McCarthy, director of membership and communications.

Providing an update at the Rancho Santa Fe Association board’s July 2 meeting, McCarthy she expects three new club members in July.

McCarthy said it was encouraging to see a lot of younger families taking advantage of the trial. The two new members will be junior executive members—the membership category allows new members under age 48 to spread out their $50,000 enrollment fee in installments.

McCarthy said she thinks many are waiting for the last date to enroll so their three-month trial would begin July 14.

Typically the golf club budgets for 16 losses to net membership a year, however, McCarthy said in this fiscal year, they had a loss of eight members while gaining 24 new memberships.

“We had a net gain in dues-paying members for the first time in 10 years,” said new Association director Bill Weber, former president of the golf club board.

The three-month promotional playing privilege will now be offered to all new Covenant residents moving forward. At the July 2 meeting, the board approved changing the promotional window from the originally approved 90 days from close of escrow to giving new residents a full year to take advantage.