Rowe school’s gym roof in need of repair

The Rancho Santa Fe School District board approved the district going out for bid on a repair of the roof of the school gym after a portion was recently damaged. Superintendent David Jaffe made the recommendation for the repair at the Oct. 5 meeting.

According to Jaffe, during the last rains, a small awning outside the gym that covers the student lockers became waterlogged and fell during the night. As it was not during school hours, no one was injured and Jaffe said the area has been secured and is not currently a safety issue for students.

“We need to move forward,” Jaffe said of the repair work.

He said that the district has received two proposals for roof work — to repair the western side of the roof would cost $18,500 and the bid to repair both sides was $38,000. The board is expected to consider proposals at its next meeting.

RSF School District board member Scott Kahn requested that a thorough inspection of the roof is completed so the district can avoid any future “surprises.”

In December 2015, the board discussed the need for gym roof repairs, as it had been noted that parts of the eaves and beams had rotted. In January, the board learned that over the next five years it could cost $623,000 to maintain the existing gym facility. Without any repairs, the “useful life” of the building, constructed in 1973, was projected at five to 10 years.