Rancho Santa Fe Association bylaw changes pass with 75 percent approval

The Rancho Santa Fe Association voters passed the revisions to the bylaws, with 704 members voting in favor of the changes and 226 voting against. The ballots were counted by election inspector Bruce Bishop at the Oct. 6 RSF Association board meeting.

According to Bishop, a total of 932 ballots were received; two were void for being left blank or casting both a “yes” and “no” vote. By comparison, in the June board of directors’ election, there was a record-high 1,694 votes cast.

RSF resident Dick Doughty had questioned whether the bylaws had to be amended by a majority of total residents or by a majority of ballots cast. RSF Association President Fred Wasserman said legal counsel had concluded it was perfectly acceptable for amendments to be decided by a majority of ballots cast.

The Association’s governing documents committee had been working on the update for nearly a year, “thousands of hours” with several opportunities for public comment. The main goal in this round of changes was simplification, consistency, parity and bringing the documents in line with the Davis-Sterling Act and the California Corporations Code.

Among the changes, the revision deleted the complicated voter registration process and aimed to provide fairness in member voting: each property owner of record shall have one membership and two votes.

Condo voting rights are expected to be reviewed in the governing documents committee’s next round of updates.