Santa Fe Irrigation asks customers for voluntary 10% reduction in water use


At its September meeting, the Santa Fe Irrigation District Board of Directors supported General Manager Al Lau in declaring a Drought Response Level 1, which includes a voluntary 10% reduction of water use by customers. The district provides drinking and irrigation water to residents in Rancho Santa Fe, Fairbanks Ranch and Solana Beach.

This request is in response to worsening water supply conditions throughout the Southwest and in support of Governor Gavin Newsom’s call to the entire state to reduce water use. According to a news release, planning and decades of ratepayer investments in new water supplies, expansion of water storage and implementation of water-use efficiency programs have enabled the San Diego region to weather historic dry conditions.

The Santa Fe Irrigation District

“While the governor’s call for a reduction is voluntary, it’s important for SFID and the entire San Diego region to join with others throughout the State to save water and maintain storage levels in the event of a dry winter,” said SFID Board President Michael Hogan in the news release. “It’s important to not just the San Diego region, but all California communities, our environment and the economy.”

The declaration of Level 1 is in accordance with SFID’s Water Shortage Contingency Plan that was approved by the board in June 2021, along with the Urban Water Management Plan, which details demand and supply projections for SFID. This document lays out the steps SFID may take to mitigate dry conditions locally and throughout the state, and in response to potential mandates and allocations.

SFID is taking this step now to provide customers time to prepare and evaluate their usage in anticipation of worsening conditions and further restrictions, as indicated by the governor this summer.

SFID said it appreciates the efforts customers have made since 2007 to reduce consumption by more than 30% and is now asking residents to re-evaluate their water use and find ways to eliminate water waste.

Some voluntary measures under the voluntary request include:

• Stop hosing down paved surfaces

• Stop runoff from landscape irrigation

• Wash vehicles with a hand-held hose/shut-off nozzle or at a commercial site with recirculated water

• Require restaurant water refills only upon request

• Provide hotel laundering only upon request

• Use non-potable water for construction purposes when available

Additional tips and links to rebates are available on the SFID website at Water audits are also available for residential and commercial customers, and customers in unincorporated areas are also eligible for programs to reduce costs on rain cisterns, permeable pavement and cost-share for irrigation improvements on agricultural properties.

Customers can find more information and tips at SFID Twitter (@SFID) and Facebook (@SantaFeID) accounts.