Rancho Santa Fe Association to launch professional planning phase for pool and health club

The Rancho Santa Fe Association board authorized spending $350,000 on a professional planning phase for the pool and health club on Dec. 4, after the results of a community-wide vote.

In the advisory vote, 762 members voted in favor of the planning phase and 713 voted against.

Director Rochelle Putnam said that the vote was only a 40-vote difference, and the board members need to keep in mind that they represent the whole community.

“When we get to the next step, where we’re taking a vote on a really major expenditure, it will be better to have a really clear mandate,” Putnam said. “The vote on the pool and health club was not a clear mandate, and I want to make sure the public knows that we heard the part of the membership that said ‘No.’ Our job in the coming months is to really reach out to them and understand what their concerns are and hopefully create a game plan that results in a clearer mandate.”

RSF Association President Ann Boon said the Association’s January mailing is expected to include a survey for those who voted “no” to gather more input about why they voted against the proposal.

“We have a lot of work to do to make sure this is something that the great majority of the community wants and would be interested in joining,” said director Heather Slosar.

So far, approximately $36,000 has been spent on the project of the originally approved $40,000 for Club Mark consulting. Slosar said they are expecting a bill soon for about $10,000 that is set to come out of the $350,000.