Assistant manager leaving Rancho Santa Fe Association for new position


Assistant Manager Ivan Holler is leaving the Rancho Santa Fe Association, as he has accepted a new position as the development services director for the city of Murrieta. After nearly eight years with the Association, his final day will be Friday, April 17.

“It really is a great opportunity for me and my family. It’s closer to home and it cuts my commute in half. I have a little more flexibility with my schedule and the opportunity for a little more time off. (The job) is in the land use arena, which is my area of expertise and closer to what I was doing when I used to work for the county,” Holler said.

He said that although he knows it sounds like a cliché, he really does have mixed emotions about leaving Rancho Santa Fe.

“This has been just an amazing place to work,” Holler said. “I’m excited and I’m a little anxious because I’m going into something new, but I’m also sad to leave the community and the folks I’ve worked with and all the people that I’ve met.”

Holler arrived in 2007 just before the Witch Creek Fire, and he said one of his proudest accomplishments was the work he did to help people rebuild in an expedited manner.

He is also proud that he helped the Association through a challenging period last year and believes that the organization is now on the right track.

Holler will spend his last two weeks wrapping up projects and helping with the transition. A decision on filling his position has not yet been determined.

“It has been a great place to work and this is a remarkable, beautiful community,” Holler said. “It’s been an honor to be here for the last almost eight years.”

Holler’s new position was scheduled to be announced this week (after press time).