Art for Barks teams up with San Diego Humane Society on ‘Art to the Rescue’


Art for Barks, a San Diego-based nonprofit animal charity, announced recently the launch of “Art to the Rescue,” a new initiative created in partnership with San Diego Humane Society. As part of the program, Art for Barks will secure and bring San Diego artists to San Diego Humane Society year-round to paint portraits of adoptable animals and help promote those in need of homes. After each artists spends time at the shelter getting to know an adoptable dog or cat, he/she creates a one-of-a-kind work of art, to be given as a valuable keepsake to the pet parents, once the featured animal is adopted.

San Diego’s renowned artist Stephen Fishwick is one of the first artists to participate in the initiative. Earlier this month, Fishwick created a beautiful portrait of an adoptable dog — Beanie, the pit bull. Beanie was adopted on May 26, and her new adoptive parent has been giving her plenty of love.

On July 3, Fishwick presented his painting to Beanie’s new pet parent at the San Diego Humane Society. Fishwick received a certificate of appreciation for sharing his talent and time with “Art to the Rescue.”

“‘Art to the Rescue’ is an awesome way to raise awareness of the animals that are in need of being adopted,” said Fishwick.

“We are passionate about helping animals find loving homes and believe art is a great way to connect people and animals, and tell a story,” said Lynn Moon, founder of Art for Barks. “It’s an honor to have local artists join us in our mission and we’re thrilled to partner with San Diego Humane Society on this important program.”

Founded in 2012 by RSF resident, animal-lover, philanthropist and sculptor Lynn Moon, Art for Barks reaches out to animal-themed artists and writers for collaboration. With the help of influential writers and artists, Art for Barks is able to spread awareness to pet guardians and the community on proper pet care. The organization’s purpose is to decrease the number of animals that end up in shelters and increase pet adoption by providing essential tools and resources, such as innovative veterinary record-keeping through Drop Data Box, Emergency Contact Cards, an updated Pet Care Registry, and state-of-the-art pet parenting information, and now “Art to the Rescue.”

“We’re so appreciative of community partners like Art for Barks to help spread the word about the importance of pet adoption and create awareness about shelter animals through art,” said Elkie Wills, director of community engagement at San Diego Humane Society. “Helping homeless pets in San Diego is a community responsibility, and we welcome anyone who has a passion for animals and wants to get involved. Even small acts make a big difference in saving animal lives.”

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