Mom, baby yoga classes offered at RSF Library in March

Seed & Song mom and baby yoga classes will be offered free at the Rancho Santa Fe Library.
Seed & Song mom and baby yoga classes will be offered free at the Rancho Santa Fe Library.

Mother and baby yoga classes are coming to Rancho Santa Fe Library courtesy of Seed & Song, a new yoga program that incorporates music to create a space where mothers can connect with themselves, their child and their community. The three women founders of Seed & Song believe that in this frantic, fast-paced world there is an incredible power in taking a breath and singing a song.

A young Seed & Song yogi.
A young Seed & Song yogi. (Courtesy)

The free mom and baby yoga classes will be held Wednesday, March 15 and Wednesday, March 29 at 10:30 a.m. A class tailored to moms and preschool-age children will be held Wednesday, March 21 at 10:30 a.m.

All ages are welcome to join and there will likely be extra mats available but attendees are encouraged to bring a yoga mat, water and blanket for their babies.

Friends Melissa Kushnaryov, Laura Rose Anderson and Vanessa Contopolus launched Seed & Song a year ago in San Diego. They developed a curriculum that heavily involves music therapy as both Anderson and Contopolus are board certified music therapists. Kushnaryov has been a yoga teacher for 10 years, specializing in restorative and pre/postnatal yoga, and Anderson is an Ashtanga yoga practitioner who also specializes in pre/postnatal yoga. Contopolus’ and Kushnaryov’s experiences with motherhood also played a big role in developing Seed & Song classes to be a “sacred space” for mothers to connect to their bodies, baby and breath.

“We started to see the really powerful impact yoga can have and, with that population, not just moms alone but moms and babies experiencing something special together,” Kushnaryov said. “Nobody has combined music therapy and yogic philosophies in this way for this population.”

All of the music was created to support the movement and flow of the class while also supporting babies in their motor, social and language development. A mother’s voice can offer recognition and security and singing cultivates bonding.

There is a lot of interaction between mom and baby through the movements, as well while mom is getting in a solid yoga practice. For example, as a mom goes through a cobra series, babies can have tummy time, the babies can be swaddled on the mat while mom poses or babies are held in the mother’s arms.

“We found a way for them to move together through it,” Kushnaryov said. “It is nurturing for the baby and therapeutic and restorative for the mother and it gives them an opportunity to experience a class together.”

Classes have been held at the Tree of Life Birth Center in Encinitas and Seed & Song is hoping to hold more sessions in North County. In February, they began renting studio space for classes at Studio Lively in University Heights and also do birthday parties, baby showers and private “host your own” classes as well.

Kushnaryov said there are many benefits to the yoga classes, but, most importantly, they can help women deal with the challenging transition to motherhood. She remembers feeling isolated when she became a mother and didn’t know where to go to find her community.

“(Seed & Song) creates that sort of environment so moms and babies can thrive together,” Kushnaryov said. “It’s a time when women need a lot of support and community and I think that’s what we’re providing.”

The classes at the RSF Library are free. To learn more about Seed and Song, visit