Some of the recently arrived Houston pups now available for adoption at Helen Woodward Animal Center


The newest group of fuzzy Texans, pulled by Houston-based Operations Pets Alive!, arrived at Helen Woodward Animal Center March 30 and have quickly stolen the hearts of everyone they meet. The large number of them makes for at-capacity kennel-space but the tight quarters will be alleviated as 11 of the puppies are now available for adoption.

The March 30 arrival of the orphan pups signals continuing efforts between Helen Woodward Animal Center and Operation Pets Alive! to alleviate the growing orphan pet problem exacerbated by Hurricane Harvey’s destruction in September 2017 and the slow process of rebuilding, coupled with less stringent Texas spay and neuter ordinances.

Immediately following the storm, 64 stranded orphan dogs and cats were flown to Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe thanks to the help of Southwest Airlines. On March 3, 38 more Houston orphan pups were flown to Helen Woodward Animal Center on a flight piloted by Cloud 9 Rescue Flights. The 52 latest arrivals are hoping to score the same happy ending the other Houston pets have found with loving forever homes.

The puppies received medical checks from Helen Woodward Animal Center staff and were transported to the homes of incredible Woodward Center foster families who are sheltering the canines who need further medical care. Eleven of the 52 puppies have been cleared for adoption and are looking forward to meeting new families.

Potential adopters are invited to meet the first of the latest group of Houston puppies. Helen Woodward Animal Center is located at 6523 Helen Woodward Way, Rancho Santa Fe, 92067.

For more information, visit 858-756-4117, ext. 1, or