Rancho Santa Fe Association names Christy Whalen as manager


The Board of Directors of the Rancho Santa Fe Association announced Dec. 15 that Christy Whalen has been appointed manager of the RSF Association and Board Secretary following the retirement of Manager Bob Hall on Jan. 2, 2018. Whalen is currently Assistant Manager and Covenant Administrator.

Prior to the hiring of Hall as Manager, Whalen was Interim Manager from 2016 to 2017. She joined the Association in 2015 as Communications Manager and worked to launch the Association’s website, establish weekly email communications and develop community events.

As Assistant Manager, Whalen managed the RSF Connect outreach program and community vote, and has coordinated Annual Meetings, managed board elections, implemented Association policies and procedures, and worked with Association members on a number of other important issues facing the community.

Whalen has 30 years of experience leading teams and managing projects. In addition to community, Association and golf club experience, her background includes work in marketing, corporate communications and public relations for companies in the airline, transportation and healthcare industries. She has also served as a corporate spokesperson working with national and international media.