Cost of recycled water to increase for SFID customers

Water meter
Water meter Courtesy

The agency that supplies recycled water to the Santa Fe Irrigation District will raise its rates by 3.8 percent each year over the next three years, starting on July 1, increases that will be passed along to Santa Fe's customers.

Recycled water is used for landscape irrigation and is carried in a system of purple pipes separate from the pipes that carry drinking water to Santa Fe's customers in Solana Beach, Rancho Santa Fe and Fairbanks Ranch.

The decision to raise rates was made Monday, May 14, by the board of the San Elijo Joint Powers Authority, which operates a wastewater treatment plant in Encinitas.

Under the increase, the cost of a unit (100 cubic feet) of recycled water will rise to $3.58 from the current $3.45. The total annual cost of the increase to the Santa Fe district will be $25,200.

The district sells about 450 acre feet of recycled water to its customers each year, out its total water sales of about 10,000 acre feet.