It’s a Tide ad: Solana Santa Fe student stars in popular Super Bowl spot


For many Americans, the commercials are almost as big a part of Super Bowl Sunday as the football game. For Rancho Santa Fe’s Audrey Casson and her friends and family, the familiar face that appeared somewhere in between the Doritos ad and the Eagles’ underdog victory was by far the best highlight of the day. Audrey, 11, was part of series of Tide spots called “It’s a Tide Ad,” starring David Harbour of “Stranger Things” spoofing all different types of commercial clichés but ultimately showcasing super-clean clothes.

Audrey played Harbour’s daughter in a closing scene in one of the ads.

“When it came on I said, ‘Oh my gosh that’s me!’ and my friends said ‘Oh my gosh that’s you!’” said the bubbly Audrey. “We took photos of the TV and rewound it probably 20 times! I was so honored to be in that commercial, it was so much fun.”

Audrey was not alone in her love for the spot — the series of ads won a Super Clio Award for the best Super Bowl advertisement and has been viewed on You Tube nearly seven million times.

Audrey, who is in the fifth grade at Solana Santa Fe Elementary School, has been acting for the past three years.

“I saw people on TV and they looked so happy when they do it so I asked my parents if I could do it,” Audrey said. “Ever since then I’ve had a passion for it and I really love it.”

Audrey spends time traveling to Los Angeles for auditions and acting classes, as well as working with an acting coach over FaceTime sessions. She has focused primarily on acting for TV and films and enjoys both dramatic and comedy roles.

“I love drama because it’s so intense. I love comedy because it’s light and fun but if I had to choose, I’d choose drama,” Audrey said.

Audrey’s TV credits so far include an episode of “American Horror Story: Roanoke” and the movie “Meet My Valentine” with Scott Wolf. She has completed filming on a new Universal Pictures film set to be released this spring and has her fingers crossed about numerous auditions she has gone out on this month.

When Audrey filmed the Tide ad two months ago, she had no idea that Harbour was going to be in it until he walked on set. It was a thrill for the young actress who loves “Stranger Things” – her whole family had been dedicated binge-watchers of the Netflix show.

“It was so incredible and he’s hilarious,” Audrey said of the commercial shoot, in which she got a chance to get lots of ideas and advice from Harbour, as well as pose for a few photos. “He told me to relax and a have a great time. I did, I had a fantastic time on set.”