Association delays decision on short-term rentals


The Rancho Santa Fe Association board has decided to delay its consideration of a new regulation prohibiting short-term housing in the Covenant. During the 30-day public comment period, the board received and reviewed over 60 member comments and elected to defer its Dec. 7 scheduled discussion to allow for additional research and study, according to Karlin Vance, Association communications specialist.

The proposed rule posted in November prohibits vacation rentals as defined by anything less than 30 consecutive days and requires that a lease be for an entire dwelling and not merely for a portion of a dwelling or guest house.

The new regulation also states that members who rent dwellings subject to the regulation must notify the Association manager in writing with the names of all occupants, the make, model and license number of all occupants’ vehicles, the telephone number and the e-mail for the tenants, the number and type of pets kept by the occupants, and a complete copy of the lease and “any other information reasonably needed by the manager.”

The Association has identified 33 homes in the Covenant operating as vacation rentals and they have received complaints about three.

At the Nov. 7 meeting, members of the Association board had several questions about the regulations but voted 5-2 in favor of moving forward with the process of posting the rules to gain public input. Directors Rick Sapp and Janet Danola voted against it.

A future date for reconsideration of the regulation has not been determined.