Rowe FTC robotics team RSF Singularity takes top honors at Championship


On Saturday, Feb. 4, at The Grauer School in Encinitas, the three Rowe FTC robotics teams -- Singularity, Logitechies and Intergalactic Dragons -- ended up being 1st, 2nd and 3rd place captains in the League Championship’s exciting alliance rounds which culminated the end of a hard-fought event. David Warner, who heads the schools FTC robotics program, said, “I’m so proud of our students, parent mentors and coaches who worked countless hours to achieve success. Being the youngest teams at the championship, this is truly remarkable and a testament to their hard work!”

The Logitechies and Intergalactic Dragons alliance teams faced off in an exciting third game to determine who would move on to face the Singularity alliance in the championship round. The Intergalactic Dragons won, but when they moved on to the final match to determine the champion, Singularity’s 90-point autonomous program was the key to victory as their alliance put up well over 200 points in the two final games.

In addition to competing in the alliance matches, the Logitechies team was also a finalist in the judged Connect and PTC awards.

Singularity earned top honors of the day as they advance, along with the Intergalactic Dragons, to the San Diego Regionals at Francis Parker High School on Feb. 25.