Update on Rancho Santa Fe’s play structure, porta-potty replacements


The Rancho Santa Fe Association is moving forward with efforts to replace the community play structure that was removed in December from Rancho Santa Fe Field.The wooden play structure was taken down following a recommendation from the Trails and Recreation Committee that the set posed safety concerns as it was in disrepair, having been damaged by the weather and elements.

According to RSF Association Manager Christy Whalen, the Trails and Recreation Committee met last week and gave staff direction to look for a new commercial-grade, weather-resistant structure to be placed in the same location at the field.

Whalen said they have heard the concerns from Rancho Santa Fe families and they are hoping to bring an expenditure request for a new structure before the board next month. She said the hope is for the new play structure to be in place by late spring or early summer as a lot of families make use of it during the little league season.

“The goal is get it up as quickly as possible,” Whalen said.

A resident at the board’s Feb. 7 meeting inquired about the progress of another recreation project: replacing the porta potty at Richardson Field.

In 2017, the board approved $100,000 for the construction of a new permanent restroom inside the snack bar at the field. According to RSF Association Assistant Manager Arnold Keene, staff is currently working on an alternative solution for the restroom, including building a new structure at another location on the field rather than using the existing building.

“The floodplain is the hang-up on that project,” Keene said.

Structures that impact waterways or occupy or modify a floodplain are subject to FEMA regulations. The project is located in the floodplain and also requires the alteration of a waterway due to the necessity to install a pump sewer system and connect to the sewer line on Los Morros on the other side of the creek.

“The board authorized a significant amount of money for it to be built and it is caught up in regulations and red tape,” RSF Association Director Mike Gallagher said of the restroom. “It’s still on the agenda to get done.”