Coming attractions: New play structure for RSF Sports Fields

A new play structure will be installed at the RSF Sports Field.

On April 4, the Rancho Santa Fe Association board approved the purchase of a new, modernized play structure for the Rancho Santa Fe Sports Fields. The new $42,744 structure will replace the “fatigued” wooden equipment that was removed in December. It will be placed at the same location on the fields at Rambla De Las Flores, although in a slightly larger footprint.

Several residents were surprised to find that the six-year-old structure had been removed last year. According to Caitlin Kreutz, assistant manager of parks and recreation, the old wooden and plastic structure was removed at the recommendation of staff and the Trails and Recreation Committee as it had deteriorated over the years with rotted wood, cracking plastic parts, fraying rope and exposed screws and nails.

The committee and staff reviewed numerous options for a replacement and selected a Henderson Recreation play structure, a kind that has been used in many federal, county and city park projects. The structure includes climbers, single and double slides, a spiral slide, wave slide and a tic-tac-toe spinner under a green pyramid roof.

According to RSF Association Manager Christy Whalen, the equipment is expected to arrive within the next three months and the Association has already done the site prep work to speed up the process of installation.