Rancho Santa Fe native, Osuna horse claim championship titles


Concerto, a happy resident of Osuna Ranch, recently had a couple of very successful weeks of showing at the Horse Shows in the Sun (HITS) Coachella Desert Circuit Horse Show series over eight weeks in February and March. Rancho Santa Fe native Caroline Ingalls, 25, rode Concerto to capture the Amateur-Owner 3’3” Hunter Champion for riders aged 18-35 for week three, Amateur-Owner 3’3” Hunter Champion for riders aged 18-35 for week five, and Amateur-Owner 3’3” Hunter Classic Champion for riders age 18 and above for week five.

Ingalls and Concerto train at Osuna Ranch’s Hap Hansen Stables.

Concerto is a Westphalian Warmblood horse and will be 6 years old in May. The horse was born in Germany, and Ingalls’ mom, Kate Williams, bought him one year ago for her to show.

“He is already showing that he is very competitive against the older and more experienced horses at the shows when he hasn’t even been jumping over humps that long. He loves to learn and he has been a perfect student,” Ingalls said. “My trainers, Trudi Fletcher, Hap Hansen and Christine Praefke, and I often forget how young he is because he has been so wonderful and quick to learn. We are so thankful that this horse has come into our lives.”

Fletcher found Concerto for Ingalls on a trip to Wellington, Florida, and he has primarily been under her training for the past year. Ingalls said his success can be credited to Fletcher’s great training and dedication.

Ingalls has been riding in Rancho Santa Fe since she was 8, starting at the Rancho Riding Club and moving to the Osuna Ranch at age 16.

She completed her master’s degree at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia in 2014 and now lives in Santa Monica, working for Hirsch Bedner Associates, a large hotel design firm. While she lives in Santa Monica, she comes to ride in Rancho Santa Fe every weekend, as she believes Osuna is the best place to ride, train and keep a horse in all of Southern California.

“We are a family at Hap Hanson Stables, and I know my horses are in extremely good hands with them at Osuna,” Ingalls said. “If I lived a greater distance than Santa Monica, I know I would still be making it work to come back to Rancho Santa Fe and Osuna to ride because I cannot imagine being anywhere else. It is very dear to me, not to mention a nice break from the bustle of Los Angeles.”

A specialist in jumping, Ingalls’ biggest win since graduating college was the California Professional Horseman’s Association 22 and Over Medal final in 2014, on her longtime partner Y2K. Y2K is happily retired at Osuna Ranch and she is working on bringing Concerto along as her “young prodigy.”

Ingalls plans to continue showing Concerto on the California circuit throughout the year.

“We are in the stage now where we are really feeling out what his skill sets are and I am learning to balance riding with my career as an interior designer,” Ingalls said. “It would be fun to compete him in one of the medal finals at the end of the year or take him back east to one of the indoor horse shows in the fall, but I cannot get ahead of myself either!”