Rowe students put on Coral Reef Festival for Ocean Week

Students play a game to learn about coral reefs.
(Karen Billing)

The Rancho Santa Fe School District’s 26th annual Ocean Week capped off with a Coral Reef Festival at the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center on Friday, Feb. 9, allowing middle school students to share their smarts with younger students through fun games and activities.

Rowe middle schoolers made games to teach younger students about the coral reef habitat.
(Karen Billing )

Throughout the day, middle schoolers hosted their interactive exhibits for the elementary school students, which included board games, art projects, underwater robot demonstrations in a pool outside and hands-on labs like investigating coral under the microscope.

Sixth graders explained how they designed solutions for building coral nurseries that could help introduce corals back into devastated areas and eighth graders taught students about coral bleaching and the impact of sunscreens.

Throughout Ocean Week, each grade level learned about a different aquatic habitat, from tidepools to kelp forests. Visiting guest speakers taught kids about interesting topics such as underwater filmmaking, sharks and sea turtle conservation.