Rancho Santa Fe Association keeps working toward internet, cell solutions


Following the conclusion of the “Hotwire era,” the Rancho Santa Fe Association’s technology committee has been meeting since mid-October to expedite building a high-speed, fiber-optic network for Rancho Santa Fe. As RSF Association Board President Fred Wasserman stated at the Nov. 3 meeting, the project to improve the community’s connectivity is the board’s number one priority right now.

The board approved a charter for the new technology committee at the Nov. 3 meeting, making it a standing committee. The board also appointed two new committee members: Philip Wilkinson and Phil Trubey.

“We’re going to endeavor to report regularly on the progress we’re making,” said RSF Association Director Rick Sapp, who is co-chair of the technology committee with RSF Association Director Mike Licosati.

The tech committee also includes Kim Eggleston, Charlie Christ, Skip Atkins and Alex Kaiser.

The committee plans to keep the community in the loop by sending out e-mail blasts and is looking for as much input as possible. Currently, a member survey is online at and Sapp is asking that all members take the time to answer questions on internet and cell phone connectivity so the committee can build an accurate map of service and service levels in Rancho Santa Fe.

“We received over 500 responses in the first six days which is helpful but I would like to see a lot more,” Sapp said. “It’s a very important element for us to know exactly the state of services that every member has in our area in order to help design a better solution.”

Of the responses so far, Sapp said 88 percent said they would like to have new improved internet service and 75 percent said they wanted to improve cell service.

“It’s always been an important issue. It has a lot of effects on lifestyle, on real estate values potentially and this is something everybody should take some time to do,” Sapp said.

The end date for the survey is Tuesday, Nov. 15. Once the survey is complete, the committee plans to schedule an open meeting to discuss the results and ideas that the committee is exploring.

During the RSF Association’s agreement to build a build a fiber-to-home network in RSF with Hotwire Communications, which ended last month, the Association had paid the company $125,000 in prepaid advertising. RSF Association Controller Matthew Ditonto reported that the Association has asked for an itemized list of the funds spent and expects to get a refund.