RSF Golf Club will offer three-month trial membership


The Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club will begin offering a three-month trial membership for Covenant residents this spring. The Rancho Santa Fe Association approved the promotional membership and other amendments to the golf club’s operational plan at its Feb. 7 meeting.

RSF Golf Club General Manager Brad Shupe said he hopes the trial membership will allow the club to share the Association amenity with as many people as possible, removing the barrier of entry of the $50,000 initiation fee and offering residents the chance to try the club for three months of dues.

Current residents will have a limited time opportunity to register for a trial three-month membership, from April 1 through June—as an example, if a member signs up in June, their three months would be June, July and August.

“It’s about growing our membership but it’s also about inviting all Association members to enjoy a golf club membership and see if they like it,” Shupe said.

The offer will be extended to all new Covenant residents moving forward.

Part of the approved amendments to the club’s operational plan was defining two non-resident social memberships.

The non-resident social category was changed to provide that a former resident must have lived in the Covenant for five years rather than 10 years.

The board again encouraged the club to review non-member fees because they are, as Director Mike Gallagher noted, very low. Shupe said at the Association’s March meeting, the golf club will share the new fees relative to the social memberships. The new fees would be applied on July 1.