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RSF Golf Club launches three-month playing privilege offer

The Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club is exclusively open to Covenant members.

For the first time ever, the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club is offering trial playing privileges to Covenant residents. From April 15 through July 14, members can experience what it is like to be a golf club member for a three-month trial by just paying three months of current dues, which are $869 a month at this time, and no initiation fee.

Residents can enroll anytime in the 90-day time frame and the trial begins on that date—as an example, a member could sign up on July 13 and their three months begins that day. It’s a full family privilege, meaning the whole family, including children under the age of 23, will be welcome to come and experience the club.

“It’s fun to be a golf club member, it’s a great perk of living in the Rancho Santa Fe Covenant,” said Shanon McCarthy, director of membership and communications.

The entire golf club is maintained by its members as an amenity for the community. Although the Player’s Clubhouse is for golf club members only, the main clubhouse and restaurant are for the benefit and enjoyment of all Covenant members.

"We are an Association amenity and the more residents who chose to use the golf club facility is how we measure success,” said RSF Golf Club Manager Brad Shupe. “This is our attempt to ensure we maximize the number of Association residents that are taking full advantage of this amenity, making it as meaningful as possible."

The Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club. Courtesy

RSF Golf Club President Bill Weber said the club is in a unique situation. While other golf clubs can tap into surrounding areas to build membership, they can only accept members from the Covenant, a baseline of approximately 1,800 homes.

“We’re convinced that there are members of the community that have thought about joining the club but haven’t got around to it yet,” Weber said. “This is an opportunity to introduce them to the club without paying the full $50,000 initiation fee.”

Members will be given access to a top San Diego golf course that is currently in “ideal” playing conditions.

In addition to numerous social events and dining that are open to all Covenant residents, during the trial period members will have access to the Players’ Clubhouse, which has recently undergone several upgrades to its lounge and bar area. Complimentary appetizers are served up daily in the clubhouse.

The club also recently hired Aaron Burns as its new executive chef for the club restaurant. Burns comes from the Pebble Beach Golf Links and will join the team after the US Open in June.

“It’s an exciting time, there is a lot of new enthusiasm at the club,” said Weber.

In addition to the recent Players’ Clubhouse upgrades, the board is also exploring design improvements for the main clubhouse and restaurant.

At the April 4 RSF Association board meeting last week, the board approved the golf club’s plan to hire well-known golf course architect David McClay-Kidd to help update the golf club’s master plan. The master plan update will involve making improvements to the course’s playability, a renovation of the practice area and bunkers as well as an irrigation system redesign.

“Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club treasures our history but as both projects show, we’re committed to always getting better,” Shupe said.

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