Junior executive category to expand at Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club

The Rancho Santa Fe Association board approved removing the 30-member cap on the RSF Golf Club’s junior executive category at its Jan. 5 meeting.

The category, meant to attract younger members to the club, allows new members under 48 to spread out their $50,000 enrollment fee in installments. For example, if a new member joins at age 40, they would have eight years to pay the fee. There is a maximum of 10 years to pay the enrollment. The members still pay annual dues and are assessed the same dues as regular memberships.

RSF Golf Club Board President Bill Danola said the category is at 30 members right now. They had budgeted for four new members for the year and already have five.

The junior executive category was first approved in 2013 and was originally capped at 10 members. As the category grew in popularity, additional spaces were added.

“The board of governors really doesn’t see a reason to have a limit. It’s a category and a membership that we’d like to see increase actually, to have more younger members in the club,” Danola said. “It just makes the club more accessible and appealing to them, and we’d like to encourage that.”

RSF Association Director Kim Eggleston expressed some concern that the spirit of this sort of offering is occasionally violated by an age-disparity issue of men with younger spouses (if one member of a couple is 48 years old or younger, then the spouse who is over 48 can also join through the junior executive category). RSF Association Director Mike Licosati said he knew of three golfers in the junior executive category that are over 48 years old and wondered if the board might consider averaging ages of the members in those cases (for example, if someone is 70 and the person’s spouse is 40 they could average their ages to determine if they qualify for membership).

Danola said the board does not believe it to be a “rampant” issue.

As it is a change to the club’s plan of operations, there will be a 60-day notice to the RSF Golf Club membership before it is effective.

“This is a fantastic category of membership for the golf club,” said RSF Association Director Allen Finkelson. “If we had 100 of these people, it would be great. It would cement our future.”