County continues review of Gateway project


Developers of the new Gateway commercial building in the Rancho Santa Fe village are hoping to receive final approval from the County of San Diego in the next few months. The project aims to replace the existing gas station on the corner of Via de Santa Fe and La Granada with office and retail, an underground parking garage, and a revitalization of the village’s entry gateway with a landscaped open space plaza. The developers also hope to fill the niche for a 5,000-square-foot market. The village has been without a market since Stump’s closed in 2015.

Fernando Landa, part of the Landrock development team, said they have submitted for final review with the county and the county has asked for more details on several items.

“We’re getting a high level of cooperation from county staff and moving forward at a good pace,” Landa said. “We’re doing everything we can to get approval as quickly as possible.”

Gateway was approved 5-2 by the Rancho Santa Fe Association board in June 2017 after about five years of planning and working with the Covenant Design Review Committee to refine the project.

The two-story, 27,017-square-foot Gateway will include three levels of underground parking with 138 full-size spaces, 48 spaces over what is required for the project. The project’s four buildings are broken up to reduce bulk and are made to look more like residences than commercial buildings.

A total of 13 percent of the project will be courtyards and 36 percent of the ground floor will be designated for retail use.

An agreement between Landrock and the Association obligates the developer to use its “commercially reasonable best efforts” to lease to a grocer for a five-year term. The obligation to get a grocery tenant cuts off six months after the building’s occupancy.

RSF Association staff will be involved in the negotiations of getting a market and if, for any reason, they cannot secure a market Landrock has agreed to limited retail users permitted in that space — there will be no bank, no financial institution or real estate office.

Landa said they remain committed to securing a market for the community. He said once they have a better sense of the timing of when the project will be constructed, they will able to have more firm conversations with potential market tenants.

Once approved by the county, construction is expected to take 20 to 24 months and will include the remediation of the former gas station site.