Community-wide vote for Rancho Santa Fe Connect fiber optic project

On June 1, the Rancho Santa Fe Association board agreed to send the vote on the RSF Connect fiber optic project to a community-wide vote rather than a conventional vote. The date of the vote has not yet been determined but RSF Association President Fred Wasserman said that the goal would be to send ballots in the next 60 days.

Rather than the conventional election where two ballots are sent to every home site, the community-wide vote will be one ballot for every Covenant property, including condo owners who do not have voting privileges in conventional elections.

In addition to getting the most input possible, the community-wide vote also costs less than a conventional election. The conventional election would cost $15,000 to $45,000 and a community-wide vote would cost $8,000 to $24,000, depending on the size of the voting packet.

The community-wide vote will also include questions for homeowners about what kind of services they would be interested in signing up for.

RSF Association Director Rick Sapp, technology committee co-chair, provided an update on the committee’s progress at the June 1 board meeting.

The engineering firm of Henkels and McCoy (H&M) has completed the preliminary design of the 60-mile fiber network and the Technology Committee is in the process of making adjustments and refinements. The final design, which will be submitted to the County of San Diego for permitting, will include construction cost estimates.

The Tech Committee also continues to review internet service providers to deliver internet, television and home security over the network. The committee issued requests for proposals (RFPs) to all current providers in the area and has narrowed it down to the finalists. Sapp said they will be interviewing the finalists to learn about details such as customer pricing, content delivery, customer support, network monitoring, service level agreements and more before selecting the best solution for Rancho Santa Fe.