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Rancho Santa Fe Farms upgrades front entrance

The new guardhouse and entrance at Rancho Santa Fe Farms.
(Karen Billing)

The Farms has a fresh new look.

The entrance to the Rancho Santa Fe neighborhood that wraps around the Farms Golf Club was recently completely redone.

“The guardhouse was the original from 20 years ago, it was dated and we wanted to make sure our front entrance was more reflective of the actual beauty of the neighborhood,” said David Hendler, treasurer on the Rancho Santa Fe Farms HOA board. “It was time for an upgrade.”

As part of the upgrades they replaced the hardscape and amped up the aesthetics of the guardhouse and main signage, also adding in new landscaping. They also made improvements to the guardhouse technology—residents and the 300-plus members of the golf club now have automatic access in and out with their tags. The Farms also added security features such as a license plate reader and video cameras.

Beyond the gates there are 91 homes in the Farms HOA and an additional 10 in the Spyglass HOA.