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Progress continues on construction of RSF’s fiber network

The RSF Connect fiber optic project has hit some delays due to weather but is on track for network to be up by summer or fall.
(Karen Billing)

By now Rancho Santa Fe residents have grown accustomed to the occasional traffic delay as construction on the community’s fiber network continues on 74 miles of Covenant roads.

“Bear with us, we’re almost there,” said Rancho Santa Fe Association Assistant Manager Arnold Keene during an April 4 project update.

According to Keene, so far 50 miles of conduit have been installed in county and private roads with 24 miles remaining. Due to weather delays, the project is running about four weeks behind schedule and availability to the 1 gigabit fiber optic network run by Race Communications is estimated to begin in summer or fall of 2019.

In recent weeks, the network’s hub at the top of the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club has been completed.


Permanent asphalt patching is being done to replace the temporary slurry patch. Keene noted that the new asphalt does contrast in color but fades with time to match the road.

A temporary patch on Linea Del Cielo.
(Karen Billing)

Keene said in some cases there are fresh potholes near the patched segments, however, the HP crews do not have authorization to fix the potholes on the county-maintained roads. Keene said the county will be repaving seven Covenant roads over the summer and his understanding is that the county’s budget for road repairs is very strong over the next five years.

Conduit installation in the village will begin in the next two weeks. Some minor disruption for traffic and parking is expected for up to three weeks. To help lessen the impact on the village, Keene said they were able to eliminate some trenching on Paseo Delicias and will be able to confine work to parking lots and alleyways.


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