Votes needed in uncontested RSF Association election


The Rancho Santa Fe Association held its Annual Meeting on May 11, where the community had the opportunity to hear from the two candidates for two seats available on the RSF Association board, Stephen Dunn and Richard Sapp.

Stephen Dunn

While the election is uncontested, it is important that all Covenant members vote when they receive their ballots in the mail, said RSF Association Assistant Manager Christy Whalen. As the last round of bylaw changes amended the quorum required for elections,Whalen said they will need one-third of the community to vote which is a total of 587 votes.

The number is high compared to previously uncontested elections and 587 members represents 45 percent of those in the community registered to vote.

If the election fails the Association will have to incur the cost and time of holding another election or a director will have to resign to appoint the new directors.

“It’s really incumbent on all members to exercise the right to vote,” Whalen said.

Rick Sapp

Ballots were mailed after the Annual Meeting and residents have until June 13 to vote. Residents will also be voting on another round of bylaw changes, including one that fixes the quorum error.

Voters will receive a redline copy of the bylaws to show the changes they will be voting on as well as biographies of the two candidates, Dunn and Sapp.

Dunn moved to Rancho Santa Fe in 1996 with his wife Jennifer and their children Zoe and Brynne, who attended R. Roger Rowe School.

Dunn’s career background is in real estate development and he has experience dealing with cities, townships, boroughs and counties and learned the importance of community engagement.

“I believe strongly the responsibility of the board is to support the efforts of the Association’s staff with the best interests of Covenant owners at heart. I am committed to helping the Covenant of Rancho Santa Fe become a better place by building upon its rich heritage while utilizing the tools of the 21st century,” Dunn said in his candidate biography. “Tackling issues such as affordable water, internet accessibility and a vibrant downtown should be the focus of the board in the near term.”

Sapp has lived in Rancho Santa Fe with his wife Shari and four children since 2005, arriving from London and Spain.

He was appointed to the board in August 2016 to serve the remaining term of Ann Boon, who had resigned. He got to work right away serving as the co-chair of the Technology Committee, a member on the Audit/Finance Committee, CONE (Committee on the Natural Environment) and the new ad-hoc Committee on Water Rates.

Sapp has served as the co-chair of the RSF Education Fund and on the RSF Foundation board, chairing its investment committee, according to his biography. He has also been a board chair of Pacific Ridge School and a trustee at Stanford University. He was the general partner and managing director of Goldman Sachs in New York and London.

Sapp said he is running for another term to “improve the quality of needed services and supports community unity, Association transparency and resource efficiency.”